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#18871 - 09/27/98 01:54 PM General synth tips
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I've sold keyboards twice and played piano since I was 13, so I know a lot about "vintage" instruments and general programming. While I most emphatically DON'T know everything,(and will say so rather than trying to "fake" it)I've taught a class on synth basics and would be glad to field questions from "newbies" in particular. I'm having my own lil' file transfer problems, which another forum user is helping ME with, so everyone hits snags here & there. Having a good attitood about sharing info is the way to go. Don't be shy; you won't solve probs or make satisfying purchases without a solid base of knowledge. Believe me, I've learned THAT one the hard way! I once bought a lousy sounding electronic piano that caused hernias when can avoid this kind of thing by ASKING QUESTIONS! There are MANY folks who know more than I do, but the queries I see in the forum tell me there are many who know less as well. I'd like to help where I can. Also, don't say %$#@! on-line; it ain't nice, even if your wunderbox IS farting smoke and doing a fine impression of a planter. Just FYI.

#18872 - 09/27/98 02:46 PM Re: General synth tips
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You are so right. A little investigation can avoid a bad purchase. Also just sitting with a keyboard with a set of headphones for a short while before purchasing, can reveal quite a lot just going through the sounds. Headphones aren't flattering to most synths, and can point out shortcomings audiowise very quickly.


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