Re: Yamaha PSR-740

Hi everybody:

Although have not seen this commented upon by others, I specially liked the multipad buttons where the chords one plays are FOLLOWED by the multi-pad "guitarrist", or "pianist", or "human voices" etc.

With such pads, one can call at will a "guitarrist" to chord along. Sounds are good and discrete and remain for the duration and parts one wants.

However, I would like to be able to copy some internal multipads into the User-multipad-banks. Not necessarily as grouped banks, but chosen individually from several internal banks into one User-bank, for convenience.

Then I would save them as files, and possibly modify them, perhaps by changing voices, etc. (since pad definitions are MIDI note events also). Then I would load from floppies multipad files, to my convenience and need.

(I already know that I can save files pointing to any internal multipad, using Registration Memory, but that's not what I want to do)

Does any one have knowledge on how to do that, or perhaps has suggestions?

Have some of you found that feature appealing?

Are multi-pad functions as such available as well on other brands, such as Solton, Roland, others?

The effect of the CHORDED PAD is a "dynamic" modification to the current style, and I like the improviso effect of one's control upon it.

Thanks for contributing whatever would aid my exploration of this feature.