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#184937 - 07/17/05 09:00 PM CASIO 3000 MIDI

The 3000 is a general midi keyboard and that's fine for general midi files, but I want to record into my PC using the extended tones and have them play back .... or ... be able to use sequencing software on my PC that will access some of the extended tones on the 3000? Can anyone tell me if this is possible ?

#184938 - 07/17/05 09:59 PM Re: CASIO 3000 MIDI
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To access the extended voices, you must specify more than just the voice number. You have to specify the instrument definition, bank number, LSB and MSB for the voice you want. Every keyboard spells out these parameters in its own way, so you will have to find out how the 3000 does it. This info is in the manual, probably kin a table in the back.

The specifyin' is done in the computer program, not on the keyboard. So there is a bit of a learning curve here, but it is not really difficult. More like 'tedious.' You will prob. have to experiment many times before you get a result you like. It is worth the effort.

As a next step, tell us what sequencing software you are using on the computer.

#184939 - 07/17/05 10:14 PM Re: CASIO 3000 MIDI

Hi flatfoot,

thanks for the info. I had wondered if this may be the case. The manual doesn't have much in the way of MIDI info and experimenting with another keyboard plugged in revealed that whatever instrument sequence we sent, it was converted down to GM (0-127) hinting that perhaps the keyboard only understood GM commands.

We are using cakewalk and really wanted to play into the PC using the native casio tones and layers etc. then have the same thing play back again. We may be over optimistic.

kind regards,

#184940 - 07/18/05 12:28 AM Re: CASIO 3000 MIDI
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Since you are using Cakewalk, I think that you have to get the "instrument definition file" for the casio. Once installed, the list of voices in Cakewalk will match the list of voices in the Casio so you just choose what you need.

Go here, these guys know a lot about Casios, so is Squeak_D in this forum


#184941 - 07/18/05 05:10 AM Re: CASIO 3000 MIDI
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Hey email me. I've got the instrument definitions for the 3000/3500 for Cakewalk. They open up EVERYTHING. Not just GM voices, Advanced Tones, User Tones, User Tone With Wave, User Drum With Wave, Drawbars and User Drawbars. (Drum kits also).

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