Here's a mystery.

I am setting up performances on the N5 to use it for live gigs.

I have organ sound on part 01 right hand/C4 keyboard split/strings on part 02 left hand/double bass sound on part 03, triggered from the Roland PK-5 pedal board, transmitting on default MIDI channel 03.

This works great on all 31 performance configurations EXCEPT performance #3 - where the strings sound with the bass on the left hand, with no sound from the pedals at all. PLUS strings and bass sounding together on the left hand part are strangely out of tune. If I change the default MIDI channel on the PK-5s to channel 02 I get strings and bass on the pedals. Strange.

There doesn't seem to be any way of assigning MIDI channels to individual parts on the N5 and saving those assignations into the performance bank. So I can only assume that the setup is as follows: part 01 = MIDI channel 01/part 02 = MIDI channel 02/part 03 = MIDI channel 03 and so on.

What I can't figure out is why all the other 31 performances can be set up OK under this regime EXCEPT performance #3 - where I get all this outa tune stuff, and bass and strings sounding together on the left hand part.

Any wisdom greatly appreciated.