Hi Korg users. Have any of you tried this ? I played guitar for 50 years as well as keyboards. My guitar work included using a Roland GR30 guitar synth. Recently I bought a used Korg i30 and connected it via MIDI to the GR30 which I then passed thru the left channel of a Yamaha 7 band graphic equaliser, then to the left channel of a standard stereo amp. Only the Main keyboard sounds go thru the GR30. The left hand rhythm was then taken via 1/4 inch jackplug from the Mono output of the Korg to the right channel of the graphic equaliser, and then to the right channel of the stereo amp.
The amp speakers separate the melody from the accompaniment, giving a much clearer result. I use a 15 inch speaker plus two piezos for the accompaniment, and a 12 inch dual cone for the melody. The GR30 sounds can be edited to give excellent control over the lead sounds. For example, the GR30 can add reverb, delay, chorus, attack, release, brightness, it can transpose
any degree to 2 octaves up or down, plus many other features. The GR30 is easy to use, and when the Korg is played thru my system it sounds far better then just playing it thru a normal keyboard amp. The only downside is that you lose all the Korg pre-set melody sounds. But if you want a system with a bit of grunt, try it.