According to Yamaha PSR9000, the memory for sampling is fast page, non-EDO, 70 ns or faster, 72-pin SIMMs up to 32 MB per SIMM and use a pair of same type of SIMMs each time. I have been unsuccessful to acquire fast page mode 32 MB SIMMs that Yamaha PSR9000 can recognize. So far I was able to found a pair of 16 MB SIMMs but 9000 could not recognize any 32 MB SIMMs to their fullest capacity. I tested some different SIMMs in a local used computer store and the conclusion is that 9000 can only recognize one side of a 32 MB SIMM and the refresh rate no faster than 2K, parity and presence-detection bit or not does not matter. All the 32 MB SIMMs I tried were double-sided and thus only half of the capacity was recognized. Can someone who already got working 32 MB SIMMs in PSR9000 (total of 65 MB of sampling memory) tell me what brand and model number of 32 MB SIMMs work in a PSR9000, how much do they cost and the name(s) and phone number(s) of the memory supplier?

Thanks a lot, and Merry Christmas,

Paul Ip
from Texas