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#176083 - 11/08/07 02:49 AM Re: Gary Diamond in Hospital
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#176084 - 11/08/07 03:59 AM Re: Gary Diamond in Hospital
trident Offline
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Gary, i wish a fast recovery

#176085 - 11/08/07 04:05 AM Re: Gary Diamond in Hospital
ianmcnll Offline
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Best wishes for a quick recovery, Gary.

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#176086 - 11/08/07 04:08 AM Re: Gary Diamond in Hospital
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I've had one no fun at all best of luck

#176087 - 11/08/07 05:11 AM Re: Gary Diamond in Hospital
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Two schools of thought here;

Keep off of that Kickapoo Joy Juice which may be giving you those stones


You better start drinking more of that Kickapoo Joy Juice to ease the pain.

Either way, Hope you feel better soon!!!

Warm Regards,

Al Giordano

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#176088 - 11/08/07 05:18 AM Re: Gary Diamond in Hospital
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Originally posted by mr82thebar:
Hi all, just wanted to let you know that thje wizard is in the hospital and probably will be home tommorrow( Nov.8 ) Seems he has a a kidney stone that's giving him some trouble. This is one thing he can't fix by himself. I'm sure he will be on line shortly. Bob L.

Gary all the best to you, wish you a speedy recovery.

I understand completely I had 2 kidney stone attacks last month.One required a 3 day hospitalization. Very painful indeed. They did a procedure to remove the stones. They could not get them completely the first try, so a week later I had to return for another surgical procedure. It's not fun having tubes stuck in places where the sun don't shine. Best of luck !

#176089 - 11/08/07 05:22 AM Re: Gary Diamond in Hospital
saxxman Offline
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Gary - wishing you a speedy recovery! It's one of the drawbacks of getting over 40... we all have to face the kinks that show up now and then. On the positive side, you're going to get a good goin' over and will be in great shape when they set you free!

Take care and get well soon!

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#176090 - 11/08/07 05:37 AM Re: Gary Diamond in Hospital
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Hope it 'passes' soon brother Gary

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#176091 - 11/08/07 07:15 AM Re: Gary Diamond in Hospital
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Sorry to hear about your situation and I hope you get well soon. If you need any help covering gigg, give me a holler.

All the best,


Joe Ayala
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#176092 - 11/08/07 07:20 AM Re: Gary Diamond in Hospital
Tony Rome Offline

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Gary my man.....Rumor has it that you are playing with the STONES for 3, great you will have something to tell your grand children....hehehehehe
all kidding aside, Like Al Giordano said, MORE of the JOY JUICE or GREEN BANNANA MARGARITAS but stay numb for awhile and get back soon healthy....we need ya.....

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