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Wow, I really didn’t realise there was so much information on the 01/W available from the web!

My question:-
I am aware it was once possible to purchase various cards that used the standard 256 multi-sounds and made new programs with them (I think there was a “Dance” card , “Ethnic” card etc..). Is it possible to get hold of the data that was on these cards and dump it into Bank A or B using a PC?

Additionally, is it possible to get data that has been saved to PC from an 01/W floppy disk and exclusively dump it to an 01/W?

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My background & what I use……
I have an 01/W (no-floppy disk, no cards), I brought it ages ago and connected it up to my Amiga running OctoMed (Would have preferred to use Protracker but it didn’t support the O1/W and you could only use 4 Channels). Amigas slowly became obsolete so I brought a PC and started to use (and still use) Fastracker II. An excellent program I think, easy to use, loads of channels, able to use CD quality samples and, most importantly, compatible with the 01/W.

After I write 10 new tunes (I.e. I fill use up the Sequence memory), I dump the Program/Combination/Sequence data to my PC using CakeWalk. I can then go and copy over my old stuff knowing I can use CakeWalk to dump it back when ever I want.
I occasionally make new instruments myself using the standard 256 Multisounds and save them over the not-so-good Programs.