Can someone give me some pointers how I can build some jazz sounds from those basic waves, sine, saw and so on? I have made some Programs using them, and then put them in a Combination, but I don't seem to know where I'm going. I can always hear the layered sounds, they don't blend into one sound.

I have made a good Scott Kinsey (Tribal Tech) sound by using the Digital 1. And I get some sort of Hammond sound from the Organ PCM card with a Digitech 200 effects pedal. But I've got this idea that I might be able to build a kind of jazz organ sound with the basic waves. Do I have to start from scratch or has someone tried before and established some guidelines. Like, maybe you have to start with the transient, and what makes the sound bubbly and complex without sounding layered.

Maybe you'll tell me I've got to buy an Hammond module. Or maybe a Nord. But the Nord makes it's sounds out of the basic waves doesn't it? So can you do the same thing with the Korg M1. Or something like it?

Those Nord samples that they broadcast to sell the thing don't sound very groovy to me. Just ringing pads without any bight to them.

Ron Newman.