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#173110 - 05/08/00 07:52 AM Converted 9000 styles to X1
Tom Cavanaugh Offline
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Fellow arranger users,

I would like to thank the folks that take the time and effort to convert styles from one format to the other. I'd like to thank Fran for sending them to me.

I have read the other posts about styles and want to put in my two cents.

This is a real scary thought but I think I agree with Uncle Dave and some of the others.
Just kidding Uncle Dave. The converted Yamaha 9000 styles that I received were generally boring and lifeless sounding when played on the X1. I think this must have something to do with the conversion. I had a 740 before this and I didn't feel that way about the 740's styles. If I had to go back to the 740, maybe I'd feel that way. Maybe the X1's styles have me spoiled. Maybe I need to tweek the Yamaha styles a bit. Many styles sound the same regardless of brand. For instance how many 8 and 16 beat ballad styles does one person need? I've yet to hear a killer big band swing style on Solton or Yamaha. Of the 240 or so converted Yamaha styles that I received, I felt that maybe I would use 5 or 6 in addition to the comparable X1 style. Not much jumped out at me and made me think "Yes" I'd really like to use that style on song "xxxxxx".

I'm glad I have the other styles though because nothing is perfect. For instance the X1 doesn't have a stock standard Rumba. There is some kind of a goofy Rumba on bank B but I sure wouldn't use it on "Green Eyes".

I agree with Don that there are many things that I would probably like better about the 9000, but everytime I walk away from the X1 after playing it I think to myself, "this keyboard is so cool" and I smile.




#173111 - 05/09/00 12:35 AM Re: Converted 9000 styles to X1
Les Swartz Offline

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I would also like to thank Fran for sending me the styles (9000 to X1). I haven't had time to check all out, but there are definitely some keepers. What I appreciate more than the "keepers" is Frans willingness to share these styles with me. Obviously, he is a true gentleman.


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