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#171121 - 02/15/02 02:15 PM Re: new mic and mixer
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But does it give your voice silky smoothness?

#171122 - 02/15/02 02:42 PM Re: new mic and mixer
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Oh comon Don,

I don't need a Mic for that :>)

#171123 - 02/15/02 07:02 PM Re: new mic and mixer

Originally posted by Vic01:
Feedback is a particular problem for me. I currently use the eq on my wk8's mic inputs to notch out the offending frequencies a little but it's only somewhat effective. Something like a Behringer Shark may prove helpful.

[This message has been edited by Vic01 (edited 02-15-2002).]

The problem with classic equalization in order to eliminate feedback frequencies, is that filters are not suficiently narrow. As
a consequence:

i) just as you experience, it's not always effective, because the gain reduction in the offending frequencies isn't strong enough.
ii) the voice sound tends to loose quality, as many relatively large frequency bands close to the feedback frequencies are rejected.

In order to get effective feedback elimination with a minimum loss of quality, it's essencial to have "parametric equalization", thus the freedom to choose the specific offending frequencies, with the narrowest possible rejection band. Precisely what this small box does! Sometimes it's the only way of stoping feedback, when you really can't move your speakers.


#171124 - 02/15/02 07:55 PM Re: new mic and mixer
tony mads usa Online   cool2
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....I'll show my lack of new technology education .. what is "Phantom Power"?!?...
t. cool

#171125 - 02/15/02 09:30 PM Re: new mic and mixer
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Condenser microphones need a power supply. It is possible to supply the power using the same cable used to carry audio from the microphone to a mixer (or whatever). I guess since there are no batteries and no separate power lines, the power is "phantom".

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