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#168207 - 02/11/07 02:51 AM Looping Sequence with Korg PA50

To practice bass guitar while the synth is playing, I would like to loop on a sequence entered through the Baking Seq mode - ie restarting when end is reached. Is it possible to do that with the PA50?

#168208 - 02/14/07 03:04 PM Re: Looping Sequence with Korg PA50
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Use edit/copy

#168209 - 02/14/07 05:00 PM Re: Looping Sequence with Korg PA50
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In other words, no....

THIS is one of the reasons that Chord Sequencers are SO useful.

I know I sound like a stuck record, but so few of you realize just HOW useful these things are. Imagine setting up your chords on the Korg, plaporte, and then looping while you play bass.... BUT.... you can still change variations and fills WHILE IT PLAYS (foot control, anyone?)!

That would be so much more interesting to practice over than a static loop....
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