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#16533 - 06/25/99 09:09 PM new -to -the -synth -world Triton questions
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I am cosidering to buy a synth or workstation in the near future and found out about the Triton. I am new to the keyboard end of electronic music (I've spent more time working on rhythm and percussion than anything else) and hope that someone could answer a few of my questions about the Triton.

1) what are the differences between the basic Triton, the Pro, and the Pro X?

2) is the sampler good? What can it be compared to?

3) it has a vocoder; correct? What can it be compared to?

the next couple of questions are probably gerneral workstation questions

4) can patterns from a drum machine (I have a Roland MC-303 Groovebox) be saved onto the Triton's disk drive?

5) can the Triton's arpeggiator be sequenced with my MC-303, or vise-versa?

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read and answer these questions!!

#16534 - 06/28/99 01:49 AM Re: new -to -the -synth -world Triton questions
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1) The difference is the keyboards. Triton=61 keys, Triton Pro=76 keys, Triton Pro X=88 weighted keys.
2) It is quite good. It has graphic editing and looping, all done by the touch screen. It does not have time streching, or automatic looping or cross-fade looping, however. The sampling functions could be compared to the Yamaha EX5.
3) The vocoder is one of the insert effects, and can effect an incoming audio signal. (I couldn't even tell you a model of a dedicated vocoder, since they lost popularity in the 70's.
4) Yes. The Triton can record any incoming MIDI to the sequencer, such as real-time patterns. It should be noted that you'll still need the MC-303 to make the sounds, because the sounds (for the most part) are different (and better!) and the drum kits are layed out differently across the keyboard. You can also use the Triton's disk drive as a storage device for your other units with the bulk dump storage facility.
5) The arpeggiator can both send and receive MIDI clock, so you can control it either way.


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