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#16403 - 05/17/99 06:47 AM K5000 opinions
DonaldS Offline

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I've been looking at new synths lately and downloaded some mp3 music samples of several keyboards. I was pretty impressed with the sound of the K5000. This synth doesn't seem to be very popular though and was never recommended by anyone. I was wondering why that might be. Anybody have any opinions?

#16404 - 12/27/99 12:24 AM Re: K5000 opinions
Korgasm Offline

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The K5000 series have been very badly marketed by Kawai!

They have their own unique additive synthesis method- they sound like nothing else out there!

They are very capable synthes but you wouldn't use them as your one and only board- not even the K5000W with it's extra general MIDI sounds.

They work great with other synthes and they look good too!

Their are strong at sharp digital and also have a 'dirty' sounding analogue quality about them- but I'd hardly call them 'warm'.

They excell at movie soundtrack type evolving pads, organs, synthe basses and 'RockGuitar' is the meanest sounding distorted guitar sounds I've heard from a synthe!!!!

The first versions of these synthese had some strange operating quirks and the factory sounds were crap also. But subsequent operating system updates improved things considerably- including the factory sounds. They are now up to Version 4.

They are very powerful synthesizers and the deep additive synthesis system is very hard to fathom- but the results are well worth it!

Buy one if you are into something that sounds different from the pack- they are a bargain at the moment and they will be a sought after classic instrument one day!!!!

#16405 - 01/10/00 12:55 PM Re: K5000 opinions
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I love my K5000s. Wouldn't do without it. It is definitely a 'programmer's' synth - if you're into CREATING sounds it's the greatest. If you're looking to play presets, it's probably not for you. They're getting to be hard to come by after the Sam Ash blowout. Used price is typically more than the blowout price (About $600 now, but it's definitely worth that). Hope this helps.



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