The idea to develop patch editor for KAWAI K-11 born in my mind in the 2000 year.
The available editors for powerfull but hard to program synthesizer are not atractive to me. With the power of Inprise Borland C++ Builder the application is comming true.

Right now, the program is in early alpha stage and at this time it is distributed for free, for all of you.
Currently only Windows platform is supported. MIDI driver used is MME based.
There may be support for DirectMusic as a part of MS-DirectX technology.
I plan to release a commercial version in the future, and demo with some limitations.
All of controls and their behaviour used in this program may change without notice in future releases.

Please, report any bug, that you are capable to repeat at DirectEdit
Do not forget to attach a description with sequence of actions, that cause the bug.

Note, that this program is still under development, so any comments that regards to User Interface are nicely awaited.
Do not hesitate to criticize any of the aspect of this design.... :-)

see you next version ...

GMF - DirectEdit

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