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#16341 - 11/09/99 07:10 AM Instrument Definition Kawai K1-II

Hi, a friend of mine has a Kawai k1-II.
He is looking, for months now, for an instrument definition to work with Cubase or Cakewalk but he can't find one.
Can anyone help obtaing one?

Thank You.

#16342 - 11/13/99 04:16 AM Re: Instrument Definition Kawai K1-II
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I had one of the first K-1's and also one of the first K-1 II's. The trouble with them is that they worked using the Multi config. system. By this I mean that you went in and set up a Multi Patch which consisted of the insturments that you wanted to use on a given song. You can change those patches within the Multi Patch but if I remember right you only had from 1 to 64 that you could select unless you had a memory card, Then you had more. What I have done when using one in the studio (I have a friend who still has both) is set up a patch map in which I can work with. You should be able to set up a user patch map in both programs and should have no problem after that. If you have a problem let me know and I will go into Cakewalk (which I hate to use) and configure one for you and send it to you.
Good Luck


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