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#163003 - 12/10/02 12:24 PM Recording on the Computer
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Ok, Looks like I'm going to record on the computer. The 4 track tape player just ain't doing the job. When finishing up the vocals which sounded fine while I recorded through the headphones, when played back where mono-lifeless. I went to the GC and the guy thier tells me I need an Mbox. He also said the vocals would be much better using this. However, this is $450. If I wanted to make a home studio what products would you recommend on a very small budget.
As always thanks.

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I don't steer the ship... I bail out the water...

#163004 - 12/10/02 01:06 PM Re: Recording on the Computer
Uncle Dave Offline
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I have a nice 4 track digital advantage for you from Zoom. Email me or call 215-284-1328 and we can talk about your specific needs !
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#163005 - 12/10/02 01:20 PM Re: Recording on the Computer
trtjazz Offline

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And the M box would only be the start then add another $250. for decent software like Sonar.

There are many hard disk recorders out there now that are easier to use and and easy on the wallet prices and create cd quality recordings too.

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#163006 - 12/10/02 01:51 PM Re: Recording on the Computer
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for about $450 (or less), you can get a small mixer, a fairly decent condenser mic with preamp and a copy of n-track studio software - provided that your pc has a decent audio card. You can get decent quality production from that.

Now, just think that the majority of the possible customers probably listen to your production with their $50 boombox, they can't really tell if the CD was recorded from the million dollar studio or your good old sub $1000 PC


#163007 - 12/10/02 03:24 PM Re: Recording on the Computer
The Pro Offline
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There are several PC USB audio/midi interface boxes available from that'll fit your needs and your wallet ranging from small to large. I still recommend Sonar for recording and Sound Forge for mastering, although Sonar XL can do both. There isn't a hardware recorder made that can do what Sonar and Sound Forge together can do.
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#163008 - 12/11/02 06:44 AM Re: Recording on the Computer

I concur with The Pro. I have considered buying an hardware recorder but ended up choosing the software route, and have recently completed a recording setup for my modest needs: Edirol UM-1 USB midi interface and UA-3D USB Audio Capture Interface (with digital input/output for no loss of quality). The later interface is bundled with CoolEdit LE software that allows you doing multi-track recordings effortlessly. I'm just slowly starting to explore Sonar XL in my free time. I have decided to choose an "external" solution, so I can stay mobile with my laptop, and can keep the possibility of getting unwanted noise (from computer cards installed internally) in a minimum [Andrea - Dreamer has reported such annoyances]. Many people resist to the software solution, possibly because they fear computers, but with experience, it seems to be a rewarding solution.

-- Josť.

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