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#16265 - 01/24/08 05:41 AM A bit of bad news
WDMcM Offline

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I really canít believe that I am saying this but, I have just been given the opportunity to visit the forum as a non-industry member. For those of you who have come to know me and my legitimate fondness of Generalmusic products, you will surely understand how devastated I am. And anyone who has purchased a GEM product based on correspondence with me, thank you.

I would like to say for the record that this turn of events doesnít change my views on our (oops, I mean their) products. I still think Generalmusic is a very innovative company; as proven by the many ideas their engineers have developed that have since been used by other manufacturers.

I have always strived to offer the very best in customer product support and feel a real obligation to continue to do so for those people who decided on a GEM product because of me. I will certainly continue to peruse the forums and answer what I can regarding Generalmusic products and anything else for that matter.

So I guess if anyone knows of an available gig, I would appreciate hearing about it. I will ask Nigel to update my e-mail address to in my profile.

So for the last time as an employee of a company that I love (well, maybe not the company but the instruments they happen to manufacture)Ö

Best Regards,


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#16266 - 01/24/08 07:56 AM Re: A bit of bad news
Jerry T Offline

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This is certainly much more than a 'bit of bad news', this is devastating news! I am one those who own a GEM product because of your genuine thoughtfulness and continuous consideration. This is attested to by your magnanimous, high-minded offer to continue to help, even in the face of the dreadful ordeal that you and your family must be experiencing at this moment due to the GEM management decision.

#16267 - 01/24/08 08:15 AM Re: A bit of bad news
Giovanni Offline

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Loc: Norwich Norfolk England
Hi Dave , I'm so sorry to read your News .

You are such a helpful and dedicated person and loyal to a company that quite frankly does not deserve your good services .
When i owned the XP expander you where always there (albieght )on the other side of the world to help me quickly with any techie type problems .
Which is more than can be said for the UK operation !!.

With your top musical ability and high tech knowledge I'm sure you will soon find a suitable position with a company worthy of your skills .

I wish you and your family success in the future .

Once again thank you for all your kindness and help .

Best Regards ....Giovanni (Norwich Norfolk England)

#16268 - 01/24/08 09:15 AM Re: A bit of bad news
Fran Carango Offline
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Dave , they lost a good man...It is hard to find a more dedicated rep than you were for General Music..

Chris Anthony is doing ok...and I am sure you will do fine also...

Maybe you can hook up with the folks at Ketron..[NY/NJ]..They certainly could use a dedicated rep...

Dave and AJ...sounds like a good team..

#16269 - 01/24/08 09:16 AM Re: A bit of bad news
Jerry Mullikin Offline

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As you must know, I find this to be some very disturbing news. This is definitely a truly bad business decision by GEM. You have been the voice, the face, and the ambassador for GEM as long as I have owned their products, and a person I could always turn to when technical problem arose. How unfortunate this is for you, and for those of us who have come to depend on you to provide concise and informative answers to our problems. You will certainly be missed, both here and on the GEM forum. Good Luck, My Friend.

Jerry Mullikin

#16270 - 01/24/08 09:33 AM Re: A bit of bad news
kbrkr Offline
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Sorry to hear the bad news. I always preach the saying; "Turn a negative into a positive".

And it really applies in this case. You have tremendous talent and a lot to offer a company. I would think companies like Roland, Ketron, Yamaha, Korg would swipe up a guy with your talents in a heartbeat!!!

Remember, make some lemonade!!!

Al Giordano

Tyros 2, Yamaha P-250, Korg Triton Extreme 76, Roland VK8-M, DW Collectors Series Drums, Roland SPD-S.

#16271 - 01/26/08 02:15 PM Re: A bit of bad news
donpatt Offline

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Hi Dave and Group,

Devastating doesn't begin to cover it!
It was always a pleasure to talk to you here as well as in private phone calls and emails. The experience was always educational for me. Hope you will hang around in your new capacity. You are one of the GOOD GUYS...Thanks.

Don P
GENOS, Roland FR-8X V Accordion, Bose Compacts.

#16272 - 01/27/08 11:09 PM Re: A bit of bad news
to the genesys Offline

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Hay Dave,
Thatís really unfortunate news. The company has lost a good person. I just donít know what direction Gem is going. Are they continuing to make arrangers? (they have not released any thing new for the pass 5 years). And their marketing and pricing just was not good for their business. The only thing they had going for them was the tech support that you provided. I am sure for you Dave there is something even grater in your future.

#16273 - 02/22/08 08:49 AM Re: A bit of bad news
Spalding 4 Offline

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Dave i am astonished ! I genuinely did not think the Gem had any other employees because whenever aquestion came up about their products along would come a timely and accurate reply from you. Gem have truly made a mistake and it will take a long while before they employ another advocate for their instruments like you. Everything happens for a reason Dave. Now just wait and see what God has planned for you next.....

#16274 - 02/22/08 11:41 AM Re: A bit of bad news
Graham UK Offline
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WDMcM. I have been reading this forum for many years. Your advice to GM product enquiries has always been honest and supportive to the people asking your advice.
I agree with what has been mentioned above that you are well know within the trade and I'm sure your talent will be taken up by another company.


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