Happy new year to everybody. I'm happy with my psr2k for a few months now. I have some new questions:

1. After editing a sound in sound creator I can't use it in a style revoicing feature. Is there a way to do it? If not, this is a limitation I would like Yamaha will solve.

2. What is a use of Chord event editing in Song creator? After I recorded a song which was based on a style (channels 9-16), can I simply change a style in a song without recording?

3. I'm trying to use a software sequencer (cheap Magix studio for beginning). My question is a newbie one: If I create a midi song on my keyboard using the internal sounds, will the sequencer after loading this midi file into it play the internal sounds from my keyboard or will change sounds to general midi sounds? What is (Cakewalk) instrument definition file? Do I need this file in my computer sequencer to properly interact with my keyboard? Can I create this file in any sequencer?

Best regards.