In the past few months I have been looking for a perfect arranger for me but even the best ones(Sd-1,9000pro ...)didn't have what I was looking for.
This made me think if I expected too much from an aranger or maybe the workstation is what I need.
I've decided to aks for help from you guys hopping that someone was in similar dilema before.

Here is my story ...
I used to play profesionaly in a Funky/Jazz band but since I graduated I completely stoped with gigs,... don't have time for that any more.
My passion for music is still here and I want to contionue playing for myself and improve my musical skills.
Mainly I play instrumental tunes by guys like
H.Hanckok, Bill Cobham, James Brown, or even more of jazz with Bill Evens, Joe Zawinul ...

Since I am not in a band any more I figured out that maybe a arranger would be very good for practicing but no arranger impressed me.
On the other hand I was so impressed with workstations like Phantom and Motif because they have many cool patherns and arpeggiators.
In arrangers there are also some funky styles but not with hundreds of diferrent pattherns which I could combine to make my own virtual band.I know that I could use a sequencer but it takes a lot of time to create everything from scratch.
But arrangers have something that I couldn't find in workstations, ..a CHORD RECOGNITION.That's why I started to look for an arranger and then here we go again, missing pattherns and arpeggiators.

Is there any arranger with large set of funky pattherns and arpeggiators ?
Is the arranger more suitable for me or a workstation, what do you think ?

Thanks a lot !