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#152726 - 12/13/00 09:52 PM Re: X1 PEOPLE/USERS/OWNERS
JCkeeys Offline

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I would like to thank everyone for the response!I agree with all your positive comments and welcome your suggestions!
This is the first Arranger KB I've had(and I have had a few over the past 20yrs.)that has so many usable styles!They really are fun to play with. I used the optional outs(L&R 3)with Bass out 3 & Kick out 3, what a treat! Really makes the sound KICK A--! To reduce noise on the Bass/Kick channel on my mixer(Mackie1202) I reduce the high EQ to '0', result no noise. I do use lowZ cables,top quality, to powered Yorkville spkrs.,sound is great. The sounds that really impressed me were the Brass,Horn & Reed. Superbrass, SaxSect, Miller1 etc. This is the 1st KB I've heard that had a usable Clarinet! The guitars are also very impressive.

#152727 - 12/13/00 10:57 PM Re: X1 PEOPLE/USERS/OWNERS
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Thanks, Dan, for your input. It sounds like the Solton X1 noise is not a big problem. I purchased by PSR8000, my XV-5080, and my MU100R at the Guitar Center 2 miles from my home. So I have had pretty good experiences with your company. Clif

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