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#14968 - 10/20/04 09:02 AM Re: GEM GENESYS QUESTION

Originally posted by DAN.2000:
Hi Dave!
I really don't understand why I can't load the folder, neither from the CD, nor from the HD.
Can you test it for me, and tell me what i m wrong?

What can I do??? I can't use my genesys!
Please help me!


It might have to do with the CD buring software you are using. I use Roxio CD and DVD Creator 6.0 and it woks fine. If you are using Nero, please make these changes in the software and see if that solves the problem.

To Burn:
Using NERO you need to make the following setups:

(Format) mode 1

(Character set) Dos

Joliet unchecked

Volume label MASTER_CD

I hope this helps,


#14969 - 10/20/04 01:49 PM Re: GEM GENESYS QUESTION
Dazza Offline

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I had a problem burning to Cd rom from my PC and loading to Geneysy.

I was using Nero Express. Please note the express. There are different versions of Nero. "NERO" you can change the iso settings. NERO Express you cant.

Check your not using the later.

I now have Roxio and that works fine.

Also for some reason it seems to work for me better when i use re-writable cds. Dont know whyt it shoudnt make any difference.

Hope i havent confused everyone


#14970 - 10/21/04 07:15 AM Re: GEM GENESYS QUESTION
DAN.2000 Offline
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Hi !
Dave !!! it's ok with thoses parameters in NERO !
I tested thoses sounds and style on the genesys. Ok this is good for to make oriental music with the genesys, but i think the sounds are little outdated and too much stretched along the keyboard ...

In the first oriental kit, there is a note with a bug: you know a IIIIIIIIIII after the perc sound... i was this prob with the sd1 when the sound loop end was set after the last sample of the wav file. How to repair it?

Have you some good oriental things as George Kaye sent to me (from other gem keyb if they are compatible)?

George, many thanks for this kit, it's a good thing to start oriental music...
If you have any new oriental things for the genesys, please let me know it !!



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