Hi !
I just buy a Gem Genesys Pro in france.
I read in forums that GEM will release an oriental version of the GENESYS...
I m really want it...
I want to know if this version of Genesys is just as mine with quarter tone scale and the 64 Mo flash Sound and Style for oriental music?
If this... I will able to load those files from hard disk to the flash memory to have a genesys "oriental"? Or you think is better to send back the genesys to my dealer, and re-sell it when this version will be released?
Are the files will be avaible?
I really want Oriental sounds and style, but quarter tone box or joystik is not so important for me...

Note that I have an good experience in sampling and oriental sounds if you are interessted...
I see in the genesys RAM property thant there is only 8M for sampling ram !!!!!!????
This curiously never appears in the spec of the keyboard nor in the total documentation !
And the Spec tell about the loadin AKAI and KURZWEIL sounds, but when I instert an AKAI CD, It can read the files, can copy them to the HD, but How to load them?
If the RAM is really 8M limited... can I add my sounds to the flash RAM? (I know that this is not for official use)
Sorry for my bad english