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#148305 - 01/17/07 05:12 AM Laptop holder
zuki Offline
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Any info on a laptop attachment that attaches to a regular x stand?

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#148306 - 01/17/07 05:39 AM Re: Laptop holder
Stephenm52 Offline
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Have you taken a look at this one?

Laptop stand

On the subject of laptops at this past weeks CES ( Consumer Electronics Show ) there was a product on display called "Foot Time Page Turner" It was designed for musicians who use a laptop and want to be able to turn pages hands free. Nothing turned up when I did a google search. But if you'd like to see it, it was included in episode 130 of podcast. It's not reviewed until about 45 minutes into the podcast on: DL TV

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#148307 - 01/17/07 06:41 AM Re: Laptop holder
HankB Offline

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This one may work, I have one I use with my stand.


#148308 - 01/17/07 06:43 AM Re: Laptop holder
Bernie9 Online   content
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In the meantime, you can use a solid metal orchestra music stand(Manhasset type). Set it anywhere, to any height, and swival it almost flat so the lip will keep the laptop from falling off.

It is stable and it doesn't obstruct eye contact with the audience.

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#148309 - 01/17/07 09:40 AM Re: Laptop holder
tony mads usa Offline
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Didn't Donny (Dnj) and Gary have something like this?
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#148310 - 01/17/07 02:15 PM Re: Laptop holder
travlin'easy Offline
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Not me--my shelf is a custom made console that holds not only the laptop, but additionally, the Digitech VR, all the power supplies, surge protetor, wireless mic reciever, and all the connecting cables for those devices. I'm having a new one made from 1/8-inch thick aluminum in the next few weeks, which should be somewhat lighter than the Lexan model I now have. Plus, it should be stronger as well.

If I recall, DNJ's laptop holder was made from a pair of Ultimate keyboard stand supports, and also a few custom parts.



Travlin' Easy
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#148311 - 01/17/07 03:34 PM Re: Laptop holder
Dnj Online   content
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Mine was a one of a kind CUSTOM made UNCLE DAVE Design made from a Quick Lock mic boom X stand & Ultimate support 2" A-Frame tubing & Forks. Each one is made different & folds nicely with the X need to ever remove it. or the Mic Boom on the other side either....great setup. But now I use a Ultimate support Apex deluxe KB stand that does the same thing even better.
Here's a few pics...

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#148312 - 01/17/07 04:56 PM Re: Laptop holder
Uncle Dave Offline
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These pics are dark, but you can see the laptop placement is off one of the top "X" bars.
The important thing is to use a sturdy, double braced X-Stand, and make sure the weight is even. I used some parts from Ultimate Support stands and Quick Loc stands to custom make a perfect solution.
I also use heavy duty rubber bands to hold the laptop in place, in case some BoZo gets clumzy and too close.
I may have better pics for an email, if needed, but I don;t know how to post pictures on the web. i have a guy that manages my site, so I can concentrate on (avoiding) other work.
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#148313 - 01/17/07 05:12 PM Re: Laptop holder
Dnj Online   content
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Ahhhhhhhhhh Dave the KN7k oh man was that a while back I remember that one!!
My only drawback for this great Lt holder which I used on stage for years is its OFF center to the right or left.....the 2 tier Apex lets me keep it dead center which I now prefer....

#148314 - 01/17/07 06:24 PM Re: Laptop holder
Musicman22 Offline

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Would you mind posting some pictures of your present set up....and make them nice and clear.


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