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#14826 - 09/07/06 12:49 PM Re: "Glenn Miller" style disks
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I'm not 100% sure of the easiest way to do this but I would do it as follows.

1 Copy the Glen Miller folder on your hard drive.
2 Load the styles into - one of the ram style folders maybe the Dance for instance
3 Audition the Miller styles and see which you like.
4 Then simply open the Dance folder again and load whatever dance style you want, to overwrite the Glen miller styles you dont want.

You can relaod any styles you want into any location you want for the Ram styles -

I hope that was a little clearer then Mud!!!!!!


#14827 - 09/07/06 04:34 PM Re: "Glenn Miller" style disks
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Greetings Group: I did what Don suggested and the XP then did recognize Rikki's files as style folders. Based on what I found out, I do not think it is possible to load any of Rikki's styles without replacing styles that are in the user section. It would appear that once each of the 8 user families are populated with 16 styles (128 total)the loading of any more will have to replace something. I chose not to replace anything when asked to overwrite existing styles. I assume that if I had said yes to overwrite that reloading the original user styles from the HD would have worked.

#14828 - 09/07/06 06:36 PM Re: "Glenn Miller" style disks
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Hi XP Investigators,

Hank I agree. If all the user styles are full one can't load any more without overwriting. But, its not very difficult to replace a folder w/new styles and then listen to the new ones, and then reload the original user style for that section. I have loaded and unloaded styles several times without difficulty and it is easy to return to the default.

I do think it is possible to copy the new styles to a folder on the HD and not load them. and then if desired load them at a later time over an existing folder, and then reload the replaced folder and return to the original setup.

It also must be possible to load the new styles directly to memories; from floppy, and if loaded on the Hd from there as well. I've not tried this but I'll bet its possible. This would be the way to have more than 256 styles loaded on the XP at one time.

We will see.
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