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#145946 - 08/25/00 02:00 PM Performance Setup
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I know this is an open ended topic with many many varied posibilities depending on the type and amount of equipment one uses. However, I see some value in discussing it. For my part, I'm never quite satisfied with my setup. It always ends up being larger, and more complicated to hook up than I had planned. I've tried X stands with and without 2nd tiers, expandable tables, headworn mics, mics on stands, A-frames, one of which is extensively modified to accommodate a sequencer arm, two keyboards, a sound module support, a music stand and a mic boom. WHEW! Add to that, where to set the PA speakers (and head if speakers are not self powered). If one uses a laptop for lyrics/fakebook and/or sequencing where do we set that thing. This is just for starters I'm sure there are a lot of other things to consider. Personally, I ascribe to the "Uncle Dave Approach" and am actively working toward minimalizing my whole rig.

#145947 - 08/25/00 05:07 PM Re: Performance Setup
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I go back and forth on this. Of course, it would be great if I could reduce everything to one piece of equipment, or a keyboard plus PA system. However, I am not there yet. I have a PSR-8000. It falls short on expressiveness on two counts--the synthesis system is not very sophisticated and the controllers are very limited. Well, I have a Roland A-50 controller and a Korg Wavestation AD, so I have an expressive controller and an expressive synth. So I could drive the Wavestation AD with by Roland A-50 and plug the Wavestation AD audio outs to the PSR8k audio ins and listen through the PSR8k speaks, using the PSR8k for the accompaniment. I have not set things up this way because I cannot figure out a good way to stack the keyboards so that I can play them both comfortably.

If I were in a position to replace everything, I would consider the following. I would keep the Roland A-50 controller, using a Solton X-4 (Oriental) for the autoaccompaninment, and a Roland 5080 or Korg Triton Rack (with MOSS expansion board)for the lead sounds. (Both of these synths allow expansion to over 100 MB sound ROM). This way, I would only have to reach one keyboard, and reach over the keyboard for accompaniment controls.

Another possibility would be to use a Triton keyboard with a Solton X4 with a power-speaker system. This simplifies the setup, but some expandability is lost.

I have some hope that the PSR-9000Pro will be more of an all-in-one solution. The 48MB ROM is good for starters, I could add a VL synthesis plug-in, I understand. But I have not heard if the 9kPro will add controllers for using the VL board. I have noticed that the aftertouch on my PSR-8k is rather coarse, so if the 9kPro does not improve on this, it will not be very satisfactory.

Patience might pay off. Two years ago when I bought my PSR-8k, there was little on the internet about arranger keyboards. This year has seen an explosion of interest. I must believe the manufacturers have taken note and are investing more resources in the arranger area. There have been exciting developments this year, but they fall short in my opinion. (Although, I may be selling the X1 short).

Korg could have done better than the PA-80. A full Triton arranger with a MOSS option and a coupled of wave-ROM expansion slots, and maybe add the XY pad from the Z1, then I could be minimalist.

#145948 - 09/03/00 02:59 PM Re: Performance Setup
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Hi all

I’m a gigging “arranger keyboard” musician-singer-entertainer in the SF Bay area and have spent years trying to find the perfect keyboard setup which will both sound great and is also very easy to transport (lightweight with a minimum number of pieces to carry). I sometmes perform 3-4 gigs per day so this setup makes it quick and easy to fit in the trunk of my car. It usually takes only 5-10 minutes for me to setup and breakdown.

My basic setup consists of six pieces. (each piece can be carried with one hand):

* Technics KN5000 Arranger Keyboard w/ case
* Simple QuickLok X Stand
* Microphone Stand (retractable with boom)
* Lightweight portable bench
* Roland KC-300 Amplifier
* Gig Bag: for microphone, cords, pedals, &
gig fakebook

The above setup works well and sounds great for small-medium sized rooms. For larger venues I take two Roland KC-300 Amps linked together in stereo as well as tripod stands for them. To add back up harmonies I bring my Digitech Vocalist Workstation which will also easily fit into the gig bag. To makes things even easier to transport from car to gig I use a small portable luggage cart and I can transport everything in ‘one’ trip.

Previous to my current setup, I had to lug weighted action keyboard controllers, sound modules, mixers, EFX processors, drum machines, etc. It always took forever to setup and breakdown. Thank goodness to advancements in lighter and better sounding PA systems and arranger keyboards, we keyboard players no longer have to suffer sore backs

Happy Keyboarding to all,

- Scott


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