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#14464 - 01/21/99 02:49 AM techno music

I been listening to techno music for more than four years now. Lately i've been trying to get some information on how to make techno music.
Could some one let me know what basic devices i would require to make my own music at an initial stage. Not so expensive as well.

#14465 - 01/31/99 11:40 AM Re: techno music
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do a websearch and see if you can't find the homepage for a program called Rebirth, it simulates a possible set up one would have for techno... there's a demo version at the website (something like that you can tink around with, the only thing is you can't save with it...

using that, you should get kind of an idea of what yer looking for, otherwise you can just go down to yer local music store and ask about what you need to make Techno music... from what i have gathered, one thing you definitely want is a 303-type synth... there are more updated versions of a 303, all the way up to a 909 and 1010, probably more beyond that even...


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