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#14266 - 09/14/99 10:41 PM Ensoniq SQ-1 Question

I just got an SQ-1 for free and it seems to be stuck in some test mode. It powers up and on the LCD screen it only shows something when you push a button, then it will diplay the button number you pushed.
(i.e. Button#1) It produces no sound, and no midi signal...

I am wondering if it needs a boot disk or something or if it is truly hozed. And is it worth trying to get it fixed?

Any comments welcome... thnx

#14267 - 09/15/99 09:04 AM Re: Ensoniq SQ-1 Question
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I managed to get my sq-r to similar situation, I dont know how I did it. The only way I could figure out solving the problem was a Hard-Reset -method: Removing the cover of sq-r and removing the internal battery. Nothing else helped. Downside of this method is that all self made patches etc. are lost.

Difficulty here is, that the internal battery is soldered on the main board of sq-r. I dont recommend this method if you dont have any soldering experience. If you do, I recommend replacing that battery with a battery holder (which is a common part like the battery, costs about 2$), so that the next hard reset doesnt need any soldering.

Hmm. There is a testmode in sq-r which is activated when you hold down some button and power up the machine. When other buttons are pressed sq-r shows on its screen the button codes which are pressed. Maybe that activating button is unluckily stuck in your synth and needs cleaning?

Hmm2. I think sq1 and sq-r are similar synths, sq-r is just the rack-mounted version. Im not sure.


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