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#14214 - 11/13/99 05:14 PM ZR76 timing problems

Has anyone experienced timing disturbance with the ZR76 built-in sequencer?
Some kind of a little pause occurs when a sequence switch to another.
Does anyone know how to avoid it?
Thanks for your help.

#14215 - 11/25/99 12:25 PM Re: ZR76 timing problems
Cinda Private Offline

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This same problem was present in its predecessor the MR-61. I don't think that there is much that can be done about it.

#14216 - 11/26/99 05:36 AM Re: ZR76 timing problems
buinu Offline

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I have no experience with an Ensoniq product since the TS series so I do not know how or if their sequencers have changed since '93. On the SD1 and TS 10/12, there would be a delay only if the sequences used a different effect. Again, I don't know if you have already ruled this out, but you may check to see if a different fx is being inserted. If that is the cause, there is a way around it.

#14217 - 12/22/99 09:14 PM Re: ZR76 timing problems
rayleslee Offline
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problems with sequence files linking "musically" are usually corrected by shaving time off the end of seq 1 or the begining of seq 2 - sometimes quantizing the first beat of seq 2 has worked - sometimes there's a little silence recorded at the end of seq 1
that needs to be erased - it depends on the music and your tenacity to solve the problem - I've done many large projects with the mr-76 as the center of my studio and it took time to get used to the quirks - It's well worth the effort.


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