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#141709 - 04/26/00 12:17 PM All about 9000-HD(from Bob Gelman)
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I pulled this from a discussion of PSR-9000 HDs on the PK forum.
Things get "erased" there after a relatively short time. I'm reposting
it here because our MESSAGE area is a long term searchable archive.


Psr 9000 Hard drive Chris Arettines 4,21,(Fri) 4:56
[] Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; Windows 98)

The Toshiba MK6411MAT 6.4GB 8.55MM was installed by me
without any problems. The
Psr 9000 formatted this drive in 3 partions of 2 gigs plus
a little. You can buy this
drive at Computer parts Northwest for $152.

9000 HD: What are YOU using? Bob Gelman 4,21,(Fri)
[] Mozilla/4.51 (Macintosh; I; PPC)

It would probably be really useful if other
9000 owners added the description
(size, partitions, model number), price, and
source (where you bought) of any
hard drive that they've successfully
installed into their 9000s to this message.
Then we'd have a nice list of possibilities
to consider if installing a HD!

RE:using HD Albert 4,21,(Fri) 14:55
[] Mozilla/4.7 [de]C-CCK-MCD QXW03200 (Win98; I)

I installed an IBM HD 4,3 GB and it works
without any problems. The price in
German Marks was DM 350.- If there is any
interest, contact me.

RE:Psr 9000 Hard Disk Richard Shotbolt 4,21,(Fri)
[] Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows
98; DigExt)

Hi 9000 Users,
After doing many tests, I believe the 9000
will work with ANY 2.5" IDE drive
provided certain conditions are met. The
drive MUST have a primary DOS
partition created, but this partition must
NOT be formatted on a PC. If you want
more info, see my earlier reply to Flemming
Hansen in this forum.

RE:Psr Trevor 4,21,(Fri) 16:25
[] Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows
98; DigExt; FREESERVE_IE4)

> The Toshiba MK6411MAT 6.4GB 8.55MM was
installed by me without any
problems. The Psr 9000 formatted this drive
in 3 partions of 2 gigs plus a
little. You can buy this drive at Computer
parts Northwest for $152.

The Toshiba MK2104MAV also works very well.
It is only a 2.1Gb drive and
comes from Yamaha UK.

Anybody know of an 8Gb drive that works? I
don't think the DOS formatting on
PC is important. The drive that I had was
totally bare. I have also installed
another drive from my laptop, this was a
Fujitsu, it had Windows installed and
the PSR9000 successfully formatted that to!

I think that the UDMA drives are causing the
problem? Anybody got further
ideas/proof of this?

Thanks - Trevor

RE:Psr Richard Shotbolt 4,22,(Sat)
[] Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE
5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)

Hi Trevor
I agree that a new HD will
probably work without formatting on a PC. But
I can state categorically that a
HD (at least the 1.4GB device I used) that
has been partitioned on a PC
then formatted on a PC will NOT work - the
9000 reports a disk error.
Similarly the HD will not work if all
partitions are deleted on the PC
- the 9000 does not bother to even spin
the disk up. So my advice to
anyone wishing to try a used HD remains to
(1) delete all partitions on a
PC, (2) create a primary DOS partition on
the PC, then (3) transfer the HD
to the 9000 and format it there. I would
be interested to hear if anyone
has followed this procedure and NOT been

RE:Psr Kari 4,22,(Sat) 2:12
[] Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.0;
Windows 95)

The Toshiba MK 2109 MAT, a 2.1 GB unit works
also. I transferred it from my
PSR-8000. To get the whole 2 GB in use it was
necessary to partition it on a
PC, because the PSR-9000 was not able to do that.
A partition size of exactly 2000 MB worked, I
had no luck with other sizes.

> The Toshiba MK6411MAT 6.4GB 8.55MM was
installed by me without any
problems. The Psr 9000 formatted this drive
in 3 partions of 2 gigs plus a
little. You can buy this drive at Computer
parts Northwest for $152.

HD Bob 4,26,(Wed) 18:47
[] Mozilla/4.51 (Macintosh; I; PPC)

Repost of Valuable Info (Thanks Richard!)

RE:HDU Richard 4,26,(Wed) 14:51
[] Mozilla/4.0
(compatible; MSIE 5.0; Windows 98; DigExt)

Hi Leif,
I've got a bit more time now to
give you more help. In my experience, the
PSR9000 will not spin a HD that
has not had a primary DOS partition
created on
it. However this partition must
not be formatted on a PC or the 9000
report a disk error. To get your
HD working, you will need to know a bit
the old DOS operating system,
and be prepared to put the HD back into a
PC for a
few minutes.

1. Make a floppy DOS boot disk.
Go to a DOS prompt and run the following
command lines:
cd \windows\command
copy fdisk.exe a:
sys a:

2. Put the HD into the PC and
boot from the floppy.
3. Run FDISK and remove ALL partitions.
4. Create a new primary DOS partition.
5. DON'T format it on the PC,
the 9000 is touchy about this.
6. Put the HD in the 9000 and
format it.

If you can follow this procedure
then the HD will very probably be OK
the model and size. If anyone
has tried this and FAILED, please let me


#141710 - 04/27/00 03:45 PM Re: All about 9000-HD(from Bob Gelman)
DonM Offline
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I placed an order with this company last week. It was not shipped. Now their website is down, email is returned and phone is unlisted. I would avoid Computer Parts Northwest unless there is a valid explanation. I can't think of one.

#141711 - 05/04/00 06:08 AM Re: All about 9000-HD(from Bob Gelman)
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Hey, sorry to burst your technology bubble but I partitioned my hard drive on my mini-tower PC, and then FORMATTED it on the same PC, then installed it into the PSR-9000 and it works flawlessly. In fact, my mini-tower is a clone (nothing special).

The PSR-9000 does not have to format the drive itself. It can use any 2.5" Windows PC formatted hard drive. Here's what I did:

1. Booted up using a Windows 98 boot disk. I did this because I had removed the cable from my C: hard drive and plugged it into the 2.5" Toshiba drive. I have a cheap converter that fastens onto your hard drive cable ($10.00), then accessed the drive - easy.

2. Partitioned the drive into 3 partitions using Fdisk.

3. Formatted and labeled each drive. Be sure to label your formatted partitions because the label shows up on the Yamaha's screen.

So, there you go . . . been using it since I got my PSR-9000, and if you remember -- I WAS FIRST! (I just love saying that.)
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