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#14065 - 11/01/99 12:36 AM EPS16+ will not read OS disk
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Hello all, got a problem. I was doing a live performance outdoors & I'd loaded the OS on my EPS16+, done 2 songs, then when the next set of disks was about to be loaded, the LED started flashing funny letters & half of the readout would flash, the other half would stay lit. Now, here in my studio, the LED is fine but the bloody thing will not load the OS, it keeps saying DISK NOT FORMATTED. It shows, LOADING SYSTEM, the disk drive does it's whirly sound, but no load. Any ideas, suggestions, whatever. I'd planned on getting the SCSI port to have a Hard Drive, but I'm not sure if the EPS willload the OS from the HDS in the first place to by-pass the disk drive.

#14066 - 11/12/99 09:03 PM Re: EPS16+ will not read OS disk
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Hi, it seems Ensoniq keyboards do strange things when the connectors don't contact firmly. I read some articles reciping a cleaning of the pins and use of a contact cleaner spray.
If the fail happened when changing the disks, it could be that the last disk's door didn't shut apropiately touching the floppy arm. So you have it miscalibrated. Try with another OS disk first. If the floppy is faulty I think spares are difficult to find. Look in the Rubber Chicken web for details about a firm that repairs floppies. I have too, some old Transoniq Hacker articles where somebody found a replacement drive, in case you wonder wich brand/model are suitables.

If you want to use a Hard disk, you'll need the OS floppy at any time... and you should format your hard disk before in a PC, or have formatted and OS installed in another EPS16.
Hope this helps


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