The ZR-76 lists a wide choice of pitch tables on pages 457-458 of the owner's manual, but I have been unable to access any of them (the default is audibly equal temperament).
Here is how I am going about it:
1. In the Disk/Global area I press System/Midi
2. At "alter system pitch?" I press Enter/Yes
3. I Turn Parameter knob to PitchTbl =
4. I Turn Sound/Rhythm knob to different temperaments and play keys - with no audible effect.
Have I left out a step? Have I done something wrong? I try it on many different instruments with no effect whatsoever. If, in the same place, I alter the pitch, however, I get an immediate response. Why not with the pitch tables?
Any suggestions would be most welcome. I can get nothing useful out of Ensoniq tech support.