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well said DnJ. But still I can't figure out an effective way to make drunken karaoke hungry wannabees stay away from my mic. And the more entertaining I am, the more drunken idiots want to sing...Doc-Z

Doc...I would assume your problem with drunks corresponds with the type of venues you are working at.....Luckily when I worked Nightclubs, Bars, Restaurants, back in the late 60's,70's....Karaoke wasn't mainstream at all as it is now, leaving people at these venues a mindset that they have full reign over 'sitting in' at anytime with an entertainer....ARGGGGGG!
So called drunken "K" wannabe singer hoolligans stay at the establishment waiting for their turn to sing which fuels the "BEING A HAM" in front of your friends scenario and most of all the bottom line Karaoke makes money for the proprietor , people drink, people sing, people have a ball....but where does that leave you as an entertainer, KB player /singer? It leaves you with your D!@#$%^ in your hand!!!!......sitting there trying to perform, attempting to enjoy your craft & to make people enjoy your music, which under these precarious conditions is difficult & frustrating at best.....& guess what its getting worse
So where do we stand now? You as a musician have the choice to make decisions what you play & WHERE YOU PLAY , which is KEY
I personally have relegated myself to only play venues I like, Im not hard up for work, I have the Goods, Talent, and the know how to pick & choose where & when I perform & anyone can also if you do it right.
So you donít like drunks, Glorified Singers, etc etc ? Then my friend you have to remove yourself from these kind of venues and Never play them........I stopped playing these kind of gigs almost 20 yrs ago....and vowed to make a successful living as an entertainer/Musician/singer in the private gig sector which includes, Private affairs, Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Banquets, Dinner Dances, Award Dinners, Reunions, Club events, Active Adult communities, NH's, etc etc .......where 90+% of this Bar orientated "K" riff raff only occurs as a rarity.....
Oh yeah did I mention the money is on average 5-10X better? Donít sell yourself short, go for what you need to be happy with your music.....its out there ...just go look for it the right way & in the end your 'll be a happy Entertainer for sure

Good Luck

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