Hi. I'm thinking of buying the APS and was wondering if any of you were
using it successfully.

I will want to use the PC to place some eq and reverb on some existing DAT
recordings (44.1 k) then master them to CD (redbook). I was a little
confused about how/if the APS would deal with this. Later I would like to use it for multitrack/midi projects.

I am trying to find out:

1. Can I input an SPDIF digital signal at 16 bit 44.1 k and have it stay
that way while getting good monitoring fidelity for mastering? (this fixed
48k sample rate thing is confusing me)

2. Any opinions(from those who are using it)
on the audio quality (input and output)
(I do a lot of acoustic music)

Thanks in advance for any advice.
Sorry for being longwinded.