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#137552 - 06/03/00 12:01 AM printing music with chords ???
Alain Offline

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I have the following problem.

I would like to play with style files with the right chords.
I have many midifiles and style files. When I print the track with the melody part I do not have the chords who match .

I know you can buy different style files or even convert midifiles to style files but then you don't have the printed music with the chords.

I also have many music books for the keyboard with the chords but then I don't have the style files.

Has there someone a there a firm wich sells style files and also sells along with the style files the appropriate
sheet music with the chords.

Thanks for your response,

#137553 - 06/03/00 01:57 AM Re: printing music with chords ???
kari1 Offline

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There are many firms selling midifiles with styles and sheet music. Try e.g. the following:

Midi Hits at

Hage at

Styles&Musik at

You should be able to find more from Music magazines like the German Keyboards.

Another way is to use a sequencer program like Cubase, which can generate the chord symbols automatically, if you only have the midifile available. You can then just print the sheets.

Well, you cannot generate the style file this way. But there's a program for that, too. EMC makes a program called Style Works, which can generate a style file from a midifile. You need to tell to the program the start and end points of the patterns inside the midifile, so it is not completely automatic. The program is not cheap, though.
You can find them at

Hope this helps.


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#137554 - 06/15/00 07:57 AM Re: printing music with chords ???

Hi Alain,

for my kar-files i'm using gnmidi ( ).
It can examine the midi-file, guess the chords and add them as text events into a new midi file or as sep. midi track (e.g. for harmonizers). Then I can print a leadsheet using any texteditor or sequenzer.

Really great tool!!


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