I've been a ESI-32 user since I bought one in 1996. Recently I bought another one on Ebay from an american musician. This "new" ESI-32 is equipped with everything a musician can ask for: 32 MB RAM, OS 3.02, internal 270 MB Syquest drive, onboard FX, SCSI interface, Digital I/O board... there's only one problem: I don't know how to use all of these features - and I don't even know from where to start, so I'm desperate for some help.

A believe the SCSI interface is a good starting point: The previous owner used the ESI-32 with a Mac, can I do the same with my PC? What kind of SCSI do I need, and what software? The manuals refer to Sound Forge. Can I edit the sounds and send them directtly to the ESI-32? What about the ESI-Win that is mentioned everywhere but can't be really found anywhere? Someone told me that I can sen thru MIDI the sounds to the ESI-32 - Is that possible? Sorry for the ignorance.

Thanks for your help.