Howdy. Glad to see the EMU getting its due in this forum.

I currently have the ESI 32, and I love it for the most part. I've upgraded to 32mb ram so I can sample whole songs, but the processing still takes for ever. Can nothing be done?

I'm actually thinking of upgrading to the 6400 series. They have some features I'd really like, but I'm not sure if I could ever get my 32 to do similar things (Does anyone know? If I can, I'd probably upgrade and keep my 32, unless it would just be too costly).

Particularly provocative is something called "beat-mugging," where the 6400 will automatically adjust a loop size/rate to match a drum loop (via Emu's audio input, I suppose).

That, and faster processing speed would be swell.

I'm just scratching the surface-- haven't even been able to get a scsi drive to work in order to load the CDs I got with the 32 (I NEED MORE SOUNDS). So, what kind of drives have worked with your 32s?

Basically, any tips or hints would be helpful. Hate to give the old girl up, but if I have to, I will.

Thanks, all, for listening to my drivel.