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#13631 - 02/17/00 06:49 PM Proteus FX studio module/driver for cubase

ok im a little new here, so

i bought a used proteus fx sound module-how do i get the sounds to work in cubase? i dont have a manual for the sound module. Do i need a special driver? i can the sound module responding to the midi signals, its just that sound # 33 is bass + harmonics on the sound module, but it isnt listed like that in cubase, and it becomes confusing in the gs/gm/xg editor, to figure out which sound corresponds to which, and how do i use the higher sound banks on the module?

any advice either post here

or send to me @

Thanks alot


#13632 - 02/17/00 11:42 PM Re: Proteus FX studio module/driver for cubase
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In the master section of the Proteus, there is a page that allows you to move programs to a different location without overwriting an existing program. I don't recall the page title but the parameters look something like:
186 > 40
Those numbers are just an example but what it means is that program number 186 will occupy the slot normally allocated for program 40. If you were to change location assignments following that example, and then scroll through the programs, the sequence of program numbers would read: ..38, 39, 186, 41, 42...
You can return programs to their original location by entering the original program number in each field (i.e. 40 > 40).
As for your programs not matching Cubebase, an original program may have been edited and assigned to that location, or it's possible the above mentioned parameters may have been offset by the original owner.

#13633 - 02/18/00 12:51 PM Re: Proteus FX studio module/driver for cubase
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You can get the P2K studio driver for Cubase VST here:


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