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#13624 - 10/29/01 08:45 PM How do I load patches for emu proteus?


I tried downloading some of the patches listed here on the site. They are all .mid files, but I can't open them with Cakewalk or with any of the midi players I have. How do I upload these sounds to my proteus?

Sorry about the newbie question, but I feel like I must be missing something obvious.



#13625 - 11/22/01 07:25 PM Re: How do I load patches for emu proteus?
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The problem is that .mid extension . You need to convert the file to .syx . It could be that just changing the file extension with a file manager program is all you need, or there are 1,000,006 utilities out there that add extra bytes to the sysex for their nefarious purposes.These extra bytes will be before the file header (F0), between the header and the data, and/or after the F7 on the ennd of the file. So here's what you need:
A sysex editor that will let you read non-sysex formats;
The manual for your module, or at least the pages that show its sysex formats;
and time and patience to do some sleuthing. I don't know why people can't just trade files in sysex. Professional jealousy? Dealers in a certain piece of software?
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