Hi, I have a problem that my Zip disk is sleeping... And there is no way I can wake it up!! Anyone with the same problem??

I dont think it`s a hardware problem, cous there is the same problem with with two new Ultra samplers

I have tried:

1.Six different Zip drives, and five different Zip Disk
2.I have tried several SCSI cables
3.I have tried external HD and CD (and that works) It even works when the Zip Drive is in the middle
4. I have tried all possibillities with termination, differend SCSI ID`s, cables etc...
5. I have tried system 3.0, 4.01 and 4.10, and the same problem apear.. (exept there is no sleeping icon in version 3.0, but the same problem)
7 It has worked perfectly a year with 4.01 and then it suddenly fell asleep.
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