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#13603 - 06/09/00 12:19 PM Can YOU program EMU EOS?

Hi ppl,

there are so many problems with the EMU EOS that they will never fix....are there any ppl here that can program in general? why dont you take a look at the EOS code and fix some bugs for us?

heres a few things that need fixing, for example:

we want a function that "defrags" memory AND REMOVES THE EMPTY SAMPLE SPACES
in our sample list, and adjusts the PRESETS accordingly.

OF THE PRESETS...this would be vitally useful for memory conservation when
we are running out of space...and save media space too. We all often load in
10 loops...end up settling on one... and the other 9 float around in the
bank needlessly. I WOULD go and delete them by hand individually, but
because of the above problem, the damn things load into memory ALL OVER THE
PLACE and are never in a row, and impossible to find. and before you jump in
and tell me that i should just save the bank and only load back the presets
into a clean bank, no this is not a solution as the multi setup is then

we also want a setting to help in the above problems, that allows us to
choose whether we want A: the new samples we load to go into the first
available space in the sample list (as they do now) or B: the samples ARE
PLACED AFTER THE LAST SAMPLE IN THE LIST. This would make things far easier
to find.... and i could delete my nine unused loops then, as i would know
where to find them!!! at the end, in a row.

im not asking for a vocoder, im not asking for a realtime compressor, im not
asking for a beer fridge option, just simple IMPORTANT basic functions that
are necessary for the sampler to operate.

#13604 - 06/27/00 04:49 AM Re: Can YOU program EMU EOS?
pko Offline

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Ignore the post above, EOS is great.


#13605 - 07/17/00 02:34 PM Re: Can YOU program EMU EOS?
anthonyf Offline
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You can defrag memory using EOS.

Issues mentioned by Darren could be nice-to-haves but not really EMU problems. EMU EOS is very stable, definitely better than AKAIs.

EMU is great! And did you know that the latest EMU EOS Ultra samplers can recognize IDE hard-disks and mount it internally as part of the sampler? I have one and it is so convenient and a great value for money.


#13606 - 08/08/00 11:17 PM Re: Can YOU program EMU EOS?
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EOS 4.10 IS great!

I do think it is kinda' stupid that you can save a sample as WAV on a DOS floppy but not on a DOS removable disk like ZIP, JAZZ, SyQuest, or the like. I mean what's up with that! How useful can that be, it's more of a novelty. Oooo here I go, I'm gonna record that .10th of a second of audio and save it as WAV so I can finally get those audio tracks onto my computer and finish that big project just in time!

That awesome machine records for 12min in 48khz stereo. I would like to be able to save that audio on a cartridge and mount it on my Mac to use in an audio program. OK so I'm poor and can't afford a new Mac that can use an audio card. Oh well.


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