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#136023 - 04/24/00 03:05 AM Psr 9000 Video out

Is there an adapter to go from Psr9000 video out to a tv (Coaxial cable input). the Psr 9000 uses a phono plug type cable and most Televisions uise coaxial cable inputs.
has anyone done this and how did you do this.
What are the steps one by one.
Thank you.

#136024 - 04/24/00 04:16 AM Re: Psr 9000 Video out
Clif Anderson Offline

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Three choices.
1)Get a tv with an RCA composite-video input.
2)Get an RF modulator to convert composite video to RF.
3)Use a VCR as the RF modulator. Plug PSR0900 into VCR composite video (RCA) input, and RF (coaxial) out of VCR into RF in on TV.

Choice 1 will result in the best picture. Choice 2 is cheaper. Radio Shack should have the parts you need. If you have the VCR, Choice 3 is free, except for maybe cables.


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#136025 - 04/25/00 04:41 AM Re: Psr 9000 Video out
Stevizard Offline

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RCA-type jacks are pretty common on televisions these days. I've had a 27 inch TV I bought at Sears about 12 years ago, and its got them. Back then they were called the "Jack Pack."

My newer Toshiba has them on the front. They're supposed to be used for easy camcorder hookup but your PSR9000 can use them just fine.

The idea of connecting through a VCR really caught my eye -- what a great way to get around buying a new TV with jacks. This is what makes our forum here great. People are so inventive . . .

Some see, some don't, some will, some won't

#136026 - 04/26/00 09:40 PM Re: Psr 9000 Video out
DonM Offline
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Speaking of using VCRs, before I got my Minidisc recorder, I used a Hi-Fi Stereo VCR to record audio masters of my music. You use the fast speed, and get 2 hours of noise-free, near-digital sound. It's far cleaner than cassette. I would tape myself for several nights, then copy the good stuff to cassette, print some labels, and sell them to the drunk people.
A lot of the higher-end VCRs have special settings for recording audio, some even with adjustable input controls.
Just a thought.

#136027 - 04/27/00 04:14 AM Re: Psr 9000 Video out
tonin Offline
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The PSR9000 have an RCA video output, not a phone output, at leaast in the Europe version. There are many possibilities:

1) If your TV or monitor have a BNC video input, you must get a RCA-BNC adapter (about 3$) and a RCA male - RCA male cable (another 3$ i think).

2) If your TV or monitor have a RCA video input you need only the RCA - RCA cable.

3) If your TV or monitor have a SCART input (I think that it's only in Europe), you need a SCART - RCA adapter (about 10$)

4) If your TV have only RF input, you need a video to RF modulator or a VCR that have RCA video input as Cliff said.

5) If your TV haven't RCA video, BNC video, SCART or RF input, it seems that you haven't a TV, it must be a microwave owen or something like it ....

This is the cheaper solution.

#136028 - 04/27/00 12:54 PM Re: Psr 9000 Video out
Clif Anderson Offline

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Hi Tonin

Regard your fifth option:
"5) If your TV haven't RCA video, BNC video, SCART or RF input, it seems that you haven't a TV, it must be a microwave owen or something like it ...."

Actually, there are TVs without any of those connectors. I guess there are some old TVs with just rabbit ear antennas. I have an LCD TV, Casio TV-1800 with no video inputs other than a built in antenna. I also have a device (called a "Rabbit") that converts an RCA output to broadcast video so I could send Yamaha PSR-9000 signals for viewing on the Casio. However, I am interested in any ideas you may have for connecting the PSR-9000 to the microwave.


#136029 - 04/30/00 04:19 PM Re: Psr 9000 Video out
kari1 Offline

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Hi Clif

For the connection you need the right type of rabbit. My advice is, catch a rabbit and
put it inside the microwave for cooking. You need one of the "Rabbit" devices for your
PSR-9000. Use any of the methods described earlier to connect your PSR to it.

Switch on the microwave while playing the PSR-9000. Now you should have the connection.
If you switch on your TV you should be able to see the rabbit cooking. Your should be using the rabbit ear antenna you described for the TV.

If this does not work or there is too much noise, adding a second rabbit ear antenna should
bring a 3 dB boost. So just keep adding them until you get the desired level. Cleaning the
"screen" of the microwave may also help as well as moving of the TV.

Happy hunting ;-)


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