I got a problem with my EMU ESI 32 sampler. It have TURBOKIT and 8RAM and SCSI. When i transfer my wav samples via SCSI using Soundforge and then play it from esi using AUDITION its buzzing and sometimes clipping "too much". When i send a drum sample i can only hear a low beat and most buzzing.

I have used various programs to transfer my samples but its still sounds the same. I have tried to send samples in 44 khz ,16 bit stereo , 22 khz stereo but its still buzzing and distorting.

I have also tried to transfer my wav samples from soundforge to esi and then send it back to sound forge directly withou changin anything. Before i send it sounds good but when i get it back from esi its buzzing and distorting.
I have also connected my synth to esi and sampled sounds but it sounds buzzing and distorting when i play it from esi. I have tried to change various sound controllers on esi but it still sounds the same. Sometimes its just buzzing and you dont hear the sound.

I have tried to load EMU sounds from a external SCSI drive 2 GB into sampler. The it dont sounds to much buzzing but its clipping.

I bought my ESI 32 second hand from a guy. He used MAC and SCSI and it worked good for him. I use a PC.

I use a new TEKRAM SCSI card and. Most people use a ADAPTEC card and they have no problems with ESI 32.

Can my ESI be broken? Is some components broken? Can you help me with this. I really need help with this problem.