I had an older cd rom drive that I used with my esi 32 that died. I bouth a newer toshiba xm 6401b scsi 40 speed drive. Emu's compatibility page claimed the drive was compatible with the esi 4000, and since I have the 3.02 OS, I assumed it would work. I have tried switching the plastic caps (sorry I don't know what they are called) that control the scsi id, termination, etc, and have had no luck. Does anybody know what the problem is? The sampler stops at whichever id I assign to the cdrom, but after 10secs or so, finishes mounting the scsi devices. Afterward it fails to recognize the cdrom. No matter what I try on the cdrom however, my zip drive mounts properly, and the cdrom drive is between the sampler and the zip drive. I bought the drive off ebay and have no way to test the drive since i don't have a scsi card on my computer.Can anybody help?