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#13572 - 02/23/01 05:52 PM Help!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!
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I have an Emu ESi 2000 sampler and am intersted in gettting a zip drive for it. I need to get one with a SCSI connection but all the computer shops here in Scotland seem to just sell zip drives with USB ports.

Is there any way I can use a USI to SCSI converter or something like that? Infact, does such a thing even exist?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

#13573 - 02/28/01 02:15 PM Re: Help!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeease!!!
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There is probably no way for this to work for the simple reason that (I'm guessing here) said zip drive is going to get power from the USB connection.

So yes, there are adapters to connect SCSI devices to a usb port, but not the other way around.


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