Hi all , i have a small problem with my Nord rack 2x.
Normally i use synth but not rack versions.This is my first rack and i have a problem with connecting it with my midi controller keyboard.I did everything on manuels pdf like ;

Oxygen 8 or M-Audio key 49 i have both of them and i tried them with Nord rack 2 x.

ok lets look what i did,

1-I use midi cable
2-I connect it to midi keyboard out and Nord rack in.
3-After done midi i set midi keyboard midi channel to 1
4-And i press together shift and midi on Nord, and made Midi channel 1.

And i press key on Midi keyboard and no more sounds anything.

I think i had done all things with connections and making settings..
Please tell me if i forget something or u know this problem !
Thank u again.