I've got a Korg M1 and it's time I got some more jazz organ sounds. I've been thinking about a Hammond module but I wonder about the Nord Micro Module. Scott Kinsey's music led me to it. He's Tribal Tech. The literature seems to tell me that it makes it's sounds from basic waves, like sine and saw. But I have those waves in my Korg M1, so perhaps I can get some biting complicated groovy sounds by tweaking and assembling some of those in a Combination. Trouble is I can always hear the separate waves, layered. They don't blend. Anyone know where I can find some guide lines how to do it?

I listened to the downloaded samples of the Nord. They sound to me like ringing pads, not much bite to them. What's appealing about a real piano and a real Hammond is that the sounds are made mechanically so the waves are very complicated. But the Nord seems to be getting back to the old simple waves. How can those simple primary waves ever produce a complicated wave to compete with a Hammond?

But I have produced a Scott Kinsey kind of sound with the Digital 1 simple wave in the Korg M1, so maybe I make some better ones, either with the Korg or a new Nord Micro if I could learn the technique. Anyone know where I can get some pointers?

Ron Newman.