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#13278 - 10/07/98 09:30 AM Casio FZ-1 sampler
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hello out there in Casioland. I have to propose a question to Casio afficionados. My friend and I found an FZ-1 in a shop for about $350 us. We were highly impressed by all the features and the *seperate outputs it had. The thing was we could only get the stereo outputs to work. The rest would send no signal. Is there a trick to this, or were the outputs blown. I've heard that the multiple outputs are hard to replace. Any thoughts?

#13279 - 01/12/99 01:21 PM Re: Casio FZ-1 sampler

HI.i own the fz-10m rackmount ver. of that keyboard.what you need to do is assign each voice to a designated do this by going into bank edit(of course after loading up some sounds),then into create bank,then after assigning a sound scroll down and you'll see output.her you select the output1-8 by a yes or no.let me know if that helps you out.good luck. theNEGATIVEmc


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