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#13194 - 08/19/05 08:08 PM SMF converter for Mac?

does anyone know how i can get SMF files on the web? or how i can convert midi to SMF0 on a mac?



#13195 - 08/20/05 11:16 AM Re: SMF converter for Mac?
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A SMF (standard midi file) that the Casio is looking for, has all the 'channels' (1 thru 16) ...on the same 'track'. Most all of the computer based music sequencer programs will load the more common 'midi 1' type file (each channel on a seperate track... like channel 1 on track 1, channel 2 on track 2...and so on)....that is what most of the internet midis are formated as. Once loaded into a can use the 'save as' feature to save the file as the 'midi 0'. There are also 'free' midi converters around...hopefully mac compatible. here is a link to a very nice mac sequencer 'Power Tracks'

Also, if you have the Casio...check out this site...where we have converted the 'ckf' rhythms and tones, into the 'zox' format...that mac's can load directly to a SmartMedia card...and into the Casio.

And, another to hook up your music keyboard to your computer with a midi cable (standard or usb type) can the direct the computer to play the midi file to the computer's 'out port'...and your music keyboard will play the midi matter what format the file is.

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