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#13169 - 10/15/04 03:08 AM WK-1800
Smurf Offline

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Hello Folks,
I was looking around ebay and seen a 1800 for around $77 + S&H. I also remember someone stating that the 3000 series will not let you create styles on the keyboard. Here is my question, will styles created on the 1800 work in the 3000 series? If you create them on the 1800, save them to a floppy, then place them in the 3500 floppy would they load? Just wondering, not planning on getting it (unless I find one REALLY cheap!) I know the yam have problems using styles from other PSR's because of OTS and voices, and since the 3000 series has like 3X more voices along with a diffrent sound chip, I was just wondering. Thanks, Smurf

#13170 - 10/15/04 07:41 AM Re: WK-1800
Jim Wintringham Offline

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I did some Roland rhythm conversions, with a 1800 user. She used the 1800 to convert the Roland files to Casio 1800 format (part of the 1800's 'built in' features. I then used the Casio Data Management software the finish the conversion, to the wk3000 format (this was in the rhythm converter section..cpt files converted to ckf...this is one of the options)

With the Casio Data Management software, you can actually do lots better rhythm constructions...even using midi files to make new rhythms. Once you get the feel of the 'how to' of the Casio software, you wouldn't want to mess with the 1800 (IMO)


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